Saturday, March 9, 2013

This Past Week

So I have finally decided to go out on disability. I emailed my Dr the necessary paper work a week ago Friday. I worked Monday and Tuesday. It was getting harder and harder to get up in the morning and to eat dinner at night. I had a Dr appointment on Wed morning and the paper work was ready for me. I went into work in the afternoon because I had a few things to clean up before going out on disability. It is amazing how the weight of the world is off my shoulders.

Thursday I had a treatment. Before they start the treatment they take your blood pressure and temperature. Apparently I had a slight temperature. The nurse didn't want to start the treatment with out consulting the Dr. She was with a patient so it took awhile. The Dr gave the ok to start the treatment. All went well.

The last two nights I've been awake till about 3 am.  I a little tired today but doing ok. Right now I have a good appetite which is a good thing since I've lost about 10lbs since January.  Looking forward to dinner tonight. Macaroni and Cheese...the kind mom makes via Keith.

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  1. yummy -- I wish I was there to eat mac n' cheese with you!

    glad the paperwork didn't take forever

    Luv ya