Friday, January 27, 2012

My Bed Would Not Let Go!

The treatment went well yesterday. When I went to bed last night I would not go to sleep, so this morning I just could not get out of bed till about five this afternoon. Not sure I will be able to go to sleep tonight.

I had a nice surprise last night. Julie Quinlan stopped by for a visit. It nice to spend some time catching up with her. I'm so grateful for those who show me support and encourage meant and are there when I need some extra help and support.

I think 3 more treatments to go!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Treatment Is A Go!

Yesterday I had a blood draw in preparation for another chemo treatment for tomorrow, Thursday. It is very surprising how quickly they send the results. I took a look at the results and some of the  counts seemed low. I wasn't sure if they would go ahead with the treatment of if I would have to have a blood transfusion. Well they just called and and the treatment is a go.  After tomorrow it looks like I will have three more treatments.

I love my new computer. About a week ago something went wrong with the connection to the wireless printer. I asked my good friend Courtney Black if he would come and take a look at it. Not sure what the problem was and it gave him a run for his money but he was able to get it working. Yeah! Thanks Courtney.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dinner, Yum!

When I was Relief Society President we used to have our presidency meetings on Thursday evening. Those were great times with 3 wonderful ladies. It was such a privilege to meet, pray and counsel with them. We have often commented to each other how we miss those evenings together. We have talked about getting together for dinner or yougert. Well we finally planned a dinner. Tonight was the night. Sascha, Lisa and I went to the Elephant Bar. It was a fun evening. The only thing that could have made it better was having Dixie there. She is out of town but we are planning to do it again in three weeks. I'm so grateful for their friendship and support.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update: Baby, Etc

When my sister Merri Lea and her husband were here to visit Lisa and Candalyn between Christmas and New Years they convinced me that I really should replace my laptop and desktop and printer. I went on line and purchased a new HP laptop and printer with my employee discount. They arrived. Rich, Merri Lea and Ella came over and removed the old computers and installed the new equipment. It has been wonderful...lighter computer and can sit on my couch and print. When I set up this blog I didn't write down the pass word and could not remember it. It took me a while to get it reset.

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment. I went expecting to see a different doctor because on Thursday Dr Jeske was dilated to 4 centimeters. Well no baby yet. I was really glad to see her. She once again told me how pleased with what the chemo is doing.

I'm still having a challenge with my feet. It feels like they are bruised and hurts to walk on them. I couldn't get my shoes on yesterday and had to wear my Crocs.  Today they are feeling better. Hope they continue to feel better.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Four Down Two To Go!

When I met with my doctor in October I was told that the plan would be to have six cycles of treatments. First week would be Carboplatin and Gemzar, the next week just Gemzar then one week off. As of this moment I have had 4 cycles...JUST TWO MORE TO GO!!!!!! Everything went well, getting the needle in the port to start the treatment, the treatment. Now if my blood counts will behave themselves I should have my last treatment on Feb 23rd.

My nurse told me today that Dr Jeske this morning was dilated to 4 centimeters it looks like I will not be seeing her next week. I hope all goes well for her. Her due date is January 20th.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Challenges Continue

Yesterday I went to have blood drawn to see if I could have a chemo treatment on Thursday. I had Keith take me because my feet are still bothering me and I wasn't sure I could walk that far. (they are feeling better but still painful) All went well no problems getting in the port, got home and I get a call from Dr Jeske. She told me that my red blood count was low and that she wanted me to have a blood transfusion, 2 units. The infusion center would call me and set up the appointment, probably today (Wed) They called and said they could do it that afternoon (Tues) at 3. So Keith took me out there. It was a 4 hour process. Kaiser called today to remind me that I needed to have another blood test to see if my red blood count is back up. So this afternoon I will go and have a blood draw to see how my red blood count is. Stay tuned for the update.

While I was still in bed this morning mom came in and told me that the package from my former missionary companion Cheryl MacDonald that was sent from Australia had arrived. She sent mom 8 pieces of Aborigine fabric. She also sent some Australian candy. Christmas is still coming. She has been so supportive and encouraging through all this fun stuff. I can't wait to see her again one day.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sorry For The Delay

Everything was a go for the chemo treatment on Thursday. The same nurse that had a challenge drawing blood on Tuesday was the same nurse I had for the chemo treatment on Thursday. Early on my doctor wanted me to receive hydration during treatment. Apparently the order was missed this last Thursday. The nurse called me to see if I could come back. It wasn't convenient to go back that afternoon. I called and made an appointment to go back at 2:00 on Friday. Things have been going well until Saturday about 6:00 am. I woke up with severe foot pain. When I tried to walk into the bathroom I could barely walk. I took some extra strength Tylenol which was my best friend six years ago. I didn't seem to help much and I spent most of the day in bed. I also did not sleep well Saturday night. I checked on line about side effects of carboplatian. One of the side effects listed is severe pain in the feet. I sent my doctor an email to let her know and if I should do anything else. She said if the Tylenol works take that or try Advil or Ibepropin. I took some Advil and it seems to have helped today. The nurse told me that sometimes side affects don't hit till after several treatments. As with life thinks are constantly changing.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 So Far So Good!

I had a wonderful visit with Lisa and Candalyn last week.

Today I had a blood draw. I felt so sorry for my nurse today. She had a hard time feeling the port and locating the place to insert the needle. It took two nurses at least 3 needles (I heard them say that a couple of them split, I guess they were hitting something solid). It usually takes about 10 minutes. Today I was there about a half hour. Since they had a challenge getting the needle in the nurse decided to leave it in till Thursday. So no shower for 2 days. :(

At 11:00 I had a doctor's appointment. I ended up waiting about a half an hour for her. It was worth the wait. She told me she is VERY pleased with how the chemo is working. My CA-125 when we started treatment was over 300 today it was down to 16. That is a good place according to the doctor. She also mentioned that she is very pleased with the PET/CT. The blood transfusion last week did what it needed to do so I will have a chemo treatment Thursday. The doctor is going to back off a little on the amount of Carboplatin I will be receiving. If the count continues to stay low  I will have three more cycles and then do monthly blood tests to keep an eye on the counts. She feels confident that this will happen but extra prayers will not hurt. I am feeling very blessed and good about what has been happening.

My doctor's due date is Jan 20th. After the first time I met her I asked mom to make her a baby quilt. Lisa and Keith went to Jo Ann's and bought the fabric. Mom got it finished and I took it to the appointment today. She was so excited and said it was the perfect color, the same color as the nursery. I will get to see her one more time before she goes out on maternity leave. I will miss her while she is out.

So far 2012 is a pretty good year.