Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eight AM Wake Up Call Times Two

Tuesday I went and had blood drawn to be tested so I could have my chemo treatment on Thursday.  Wednesday morning I'm sleeping and the phone rings at 8:00 am. It was Dr Song (who I hadn't met yet). She told me my anemia was worse and the Kaiser would be calling to set up the time for a blood transfusion. Ok number four blood transfusion. So Kaiser called to set up the appointment at 12:15 or 1:15. At 1:50 I was to see Dr Song so the blood transfusion was scheduled for 2:15. My wonderful visiting teachers came by for a visit. Mom had called Lisa Zamora to see if she could take me to my appointment and blood transfusion.  I met with Dr Song she is very nice but I still like Dr Jaske better. Dr Song really liked the PET/CT results. She pulled them up and should me the comparison. They were like night and day. She said the second one could not have been better.  So after I saw her I went to have the blood transfusion which takes about six hours. Lisa hung out with me. Through out the transfusion they check your blood pressure. During the transfusion mine went low it got to 71/?. I had three nurses scuring around. They tried both arms and even called the Dr to come see me. All the while I'm talking and alert. It finally came back up and everyone was happy.  So wake up call number two. This morning I'm in bed and Dr Song called again. There was some concern about the platelet count being low. She decided to put off the chemo treatment till next week which is disappointing but that will be the last cycle. So I do see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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