Monday, February 20, 2012


Saturday evening mom received a call. When it came up on caller id it was a Washington phone number. She debated on whether or not to answer it. She went ahead and answered and it was Sheila Murdock. She and her husband were in town an wanted to know if they could come for a visit on Sunday. Mom told her of course they could come. They came by on Sunday afternoon. It was so good to see Sheila and Rich again and to reminisce.

When I was in my teens mom had a small catering business. She used to cater wedding receptions. She did the decorating, flowers, food, cake, favors and such. She hired various teenagers to help. Rich Murdock was one of them. He took a lot of that knowledge that he learned working with mom and has catered weeding receptions where he lives. He said every time he does one he thinks of the times he worked with mom.

As we were visiting he brought up something that he and I did together. When I was a teenager the church used to have dance festivals every other year. The year I was a freshman and he was a senior  was a dance festival year. We went to the same high school. Some how he arranged for me to get out of study hall and we had our own dance festival practice. We went to the cafeteria and practice the Charleston that was performed to Sweet Georgia Brown. We were in a corner of the cafeteria facing the corner. At the end of the dance the guy is to lift the girl up and the girl is to kick her leg up. Well when we finished the run thorough we heard all this applause. Rich turned around and we had an audience. It was a bit embarrassing but is now a fun memory. I wasn't sure if Rich remembered as we were visiting he brought it up so I guess he hasn't forgotten.  It was wonderful to see them again.

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