Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Very Interesting Week

I went to the lab at Kaiser on my way home from work on Tuesday evening to have a blood draw to see what would happen on Thursday. After I went to bed, before 7:00 a Dr called to let me know that my blood counts were very low. He asked if I had any bleeding if I did then I need to go right to emergency. He wanted me to have more blood drawn Wed morning. I got up and got ready for work. On my way to Kaiser my nose was bothering me so I was cleaning it out and there was some fresh blood, it wasn't a bloody nose but I wasn't sure if that is what was meant by bleeding. I decided to go ahead and check into emergency. They drew blood and did other tests. My Dr tried to call me a let me know that I didn't need more blood work. That we would not have chemo this week and I would have a transfusion. I was already in emergency. They gave me a blood transfusion and during that I got severe chills. They suspected I had an infection. So more blood tests. I was in emergency from 7:30 am till 11:00 pm, they then move me to the Cardiac floor. Thursday evening around 7:30 I was move to the Oncology floor and was there till Friday evening when I went home. I had 5 blood transfusions (the rest I handled ok), 3 platelet transfusions. On Friday morning my potasiam and magnisium were really low so I was given that. Also through out my stay I received antibiotics. Two student nurses came by my room asked me if they help me with a sponge bath or wash my hair. They washed my hair with a shampoo cap. It was very interesting. These nurses have only been in the program 4 weeks. I was their first sponge bath. It wasn't a full and complete one but enough of one so I hope they feel like they did something. So tomorrow is a blood test so we will see what comes next.

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