Friday, February 15, 2013


So I did blood work on Tuesday in preparation for my treatment on Thursday. I received an email from my Dr telling me that my counts looked good except I was anemic  so I would need to have a blood transfusion. They called and scheduled it for 9:15. Traffic was terrible it took us a good 20 min to get onto 85 from Branham. We got on to 17 after the metering lights and 17 looked pretty heavy. We took San Tomas and traffic was not bad. We were about 25 minutes late. I finally got to my chair and the nurse tried to access the port. Could get fluid in but could not draw blood. They like to make sure it is flowing both ways. Not sure how many cc's of saline was pushed but it would not work. She decided to start an IV in my arm because the transfusion takes about 3 hours per unit and I need 2 units. The nurse checked the port a couple of more times. I don't remember what they called it but they were going to use some medication to get the blockage to breakup the clot but they did  not have to do that. So they did the chemo through the port. The chemo was only to take 30 mins or so.

I wanted to take something to the nurses who take care of me since it was Valentines Day yesterday. A friend who works a Pepperidge Farms offered to give me some of there Signature cookies to give to them. They are seasonal so they are no longer available right now. They were very well received (thanks Pat). One of Dr Jeske's patients was have a hard time yesterday very close to were I was sitting so she stopped by. She told me she thought she had seen everything that Pepperidge Farms sold and was thrilled to get the cookies. We talked a little about how I was doing and was thrilled that I was handling the treatment well. One of the things I have noticed that this past week my appetite has been better this week. Also usually I'm really tired on Monday, I think a lot of that has to do with change in schedule over the weekend. This week I was not as tired on Monday but as the week progressed I was getting more tired. I was not awake as late last night.

I want to wish you all a belated Happy Valentines Day!

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