Saturday, February 9, 2013

Long Night!

So far so good no reactions except Thursday night (actually Friday morning) I was awake till 5:00 am...the brain would not stop.

I went today to visit my good friends the Corcoran's this afternoon. They usually come over Sunday afternoons to visit but haven't been here for 2 weeks. I believe the kids have grown a foot each. They were very sneaky and washed me car it has needed it for several weeks. The kids were lobbying for Round Table pizza, I have been craving pizza. I was invited to stay for dinner. Some how in the conversation I was asked what my favorite fruit. I told them I had two, strawberries and cantaloupe. One of the kids said that they thought they had a cantaloupe. I thought no wrong time of year. Well they did have cantaloupe and it was good the pizza was good...It was a good meal, good company.

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