Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ooops I Let Two Days Pass

Ok so I let two days pass. I had a doctor's appointment today. 8:50 this morning...what was I thinking? I left the house a little before 8 and was still 5 min late. One complaint I have about the Santa Clara Lawrence facility is that parking is the pits.

The visit went well. The doctor was a little concerned about some blood results about the liver. She said it could be from the chemo and just messing with my liver. I did tell her that before I started chemo that I had a lot of pain in my liver, felt like I'd been punched and sometimes couldn't catch my breath but since I'd started chemo I had not felt that pain. She stated that that sounded good to her.

I asked her how could ovarian cancer be in my liver. She said that a common way for cancer cells to travel is through the blood stream and that the liver filters every thing and that is more then likely how it got there.

On my way home I stopped at the Corcoran's to borrow their fax machine. We had a nice visit while I used the fax machine. They invited me to lunch, so Pat, Sascha, Daisy and I went to a Sushi place. Pat had Sushi and Sascha and I had Terriayki chicken. When I was weighed today I've lost 6 lbs. Doctor wants me to keep eating protein, so chicken was good.

When I got home there was a package waiting for me. I opened it up and inside was a lemon yellow stocking cap, 2 knitted lemons, and a yellow bracelet. Thanks Bev. I can't wait to wear the them.

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  1. you're welcome Lori -- consider them a substitute for the big hug I'd give you if we were there!