Thursday, November 17, 2011

Second Cycle Has Started

The other day I called to change the time of my blood draw for today's treatment. I have to go two days before the treatment to have my blood tested to see if we will move forward with the treatment. I had originally scheduled it for 5:30 when I thought I would be stopping on my way home from work. The next two were changed to 3:30. Since I have a port I have to go to the infusion center to have the blood drawn.Each time is easier.  When I called I also mentioned that they needed to add time for the fluids. Today's was changed to 9:00 am. A little earlier then I've been getting up. It went smoothly which is great.

Rose Adams and Darla brought a delicious dinner. Creamed chicken sauce, biscuits, snicker doodle cookies (my favorite) and fruit. I'm so grateful for such kind friends.

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