Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Not Sure What Title To Use

Today was another lazy day. As you can tell I missed yesterday's post so I did not meet my goal.

We did not have one trick or treater last night.....although I would never know I slept through the evening. I remember the days on this street when neighbors would run out of candy.

I did receive a post card from Australia from a former missionary companion, thanks Cheryl.

Two days before a chemo treatment I have to have blood drawn and tested to make sure the counts are good so I can have the treatment. I thought having a port was supposed to make it easier.First she had to remove the steri strips had to be removed and then it had to be flushed, blood thinner inserted, 3 tubes of blood drawn, 2 tubes of saline solution. It seems like more but I can't remember what else. The ordeal wiped me out for several hours. Sounds like this is going to be normal for a while.

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