Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some Good News

Today I went to see my doctor. She shared with me that the CA 125 count has gone down 2/3's.(still has a ways to go though) She is very pleased. So the plan right now is I will have the next cycle starting next week on the 8th that will be Gemstar & Carbo. Then the following Thursday will be the Carbo (that is the heavy duty drug). On the 27th I will have the PET/CT scan. Then I see her on Jan 3rd. That is when she will give me the results from the scan. (she doesn't like to give scan results during the holidays)

After my appointment I drove out to work to deliver Cathy's gingerbread boys. She has been included in getting the cookies for several years. I went ahead and stayed for lunch it was good to see everybody at work. There were a few that I missed seeing.

After that I went to Walmart to do some Christmas shopping. It has wiped me out but it was nice to be outside the house for a little while.

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