Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Challenges Continue

Yesterday I went to have blood drawn to see if I could have a chemo treatment on Thursday. I had Keith take me because my feet are still bothering me and I wasn't sure I could walk that far. (they are feeling better but still painful) All went well no problems getting in the port, got home and I get a call from Dr Jeske. She told me that my red blood count was low and that she wanted me to have a blood transfusion, 2 units. The infusion center would call me and set up the appointment, probably today (Wed) They called and said they could do it that afternoon (Tues) at 3. So Keith took me out there. It was a 4 hour process. Kaiser called today to remind me that I needed to have another blood test to see if my red blood count is back up. So this afternoon I will go and have a blood draw to see how my red blood count is. Stay tuned for the update.

While I was still in bed this morning mom came in and told me that the package from my former missionary companion Cheryl MacDonald that was sent from Australia had arrived. She sent mom 8 pieces of Aborigine fabric. She also sent some Australian candy. Christmas is still coming. She has been so supportive and encouraging through all this fun stuff. I can't wait to see her again one day.

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