Saturday, January 12, 2013

Almost Forgot

I've been sitting here updating files for our Scout Troop. I'm the advancement chairman. I was getting ready to turn of the computer when I realized that I hadn't posted to the blog today. Mom and I both needed to have blood work done (we had to fast 12 hours). Since I had scheduled the PET scan today and I have to fast for 6 hours we decided to do it today. When went to the lab walked in and they were on number 34, the numbers we pulled were 73 & 74. It took a good 30 minutes for our numbers came up. Then we headed to get the PET scan done. Each time I've gone things are done a little different but good improvements. Today they were playing some easy listening music which was very pleasant. I was telling the technician how much I enjoyed the music. It doesn't block out all the noise from the machine but it helps. He then offered me an apple or a cutie. So now we wait to see what the results are. Not sure I will hear before my doctors appointment on 1/31.

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