Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Starting Over

This morning I went and saw my Dr. She showed me the PET scan. The lesion is a little bigger in my liver..not major growth but enough to be concerned. I will be starting a new type of chemo. It is called Doxorubicin. It has also been used for treating breast cancer. The treatment is going to be once a month. The side effects are the normal, nausea, possible hair loss, fatigue...you get the idea. The Dr was very positive. The drug can effect the heart so I had a MUGA test. They draw blood add a radioactive solution and then put in back in, hook you up to a monitor and you go in a not a tube but similar and has camera and takes pictures of your heart to test the left ventricle. I've heard from the Dr my heart is ok to do the chemo. The treatments will take 6 months. In three I will have another PET scan.

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