Friday, January 25, 2013

So Yesterday Did Not Go So Well

So I was informed that on Thursday I would have to have a blood transfusion. They did not have an appointment for the amount of time needed so I might get one unit on Thursday then have to come back on Friday for the other unit. Each unit takes over 2 hours. Well when I got there yesterday there had been some cancellations which was nice for me but I feel bad for those who had to cancelled because they couldn't have the treatment they needed. The nurse decided to do the transfusion first and then the chemo. Since the transfusion takes so long there was a shift change. I really like Jinny my nurse (I often have a different one each time) she was my nurse when I reacted from the Carboplatin. Any way they started the Dixorcil (not sure of the spelling) and I started getting a little discomfort which felt like it was in my bones and the way it moved was like I was being scanned down my body. Then I started getting warm and itchy. I started getting hives. Oh I had already told my nurse Janet and she had stopped the chemo and gave me some Benyadrl and I got sleepy but I don't think, at least I don't remember going to sleep. I mentioned I needed a fan and my friend Lisa Zamora who came with me started to fan my. I also got hives in my mouth, my blood pressure dropped. Another nurse stayed and me and kept an eye on my vitals. Janet went and got Dr Jeske she came and talked to me. It was decided that I would get back to feeling normal and the chemo would be started over and slower. Well it was approaching 4:00 I didn't seem to come out of it as quickly as the last time. The infusion center closes at 8:30. So it was decided to send me home and get some strength up and try next week. I don't have a time scheduled yet because they need to have a longer appointment time. I decided to stay home today and rest but I doing ok. The chemo is actually a red color short of look like strawberry kool-aid. So keep your finger crossed, prayers coming and good thoughts.

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