Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not Such A Good Day

I did not sleep well last night. I was going to take Lisa to the airport this morning. By the time I went to bed I decided I may not be up to taking her to the airport. She came in to say good by and that was all I could do. I wanted to go church today because we were having a linger longer for June Sumsion's birthday. We had asked the Bishop if we could do something a little nicer they a lot of sweets etc. We asked members to bring sandwiches, fruit or vegetables. The ward was providing cake. I got up around noon and was up for maybe an hour and back to bed till 3. Not sure how I will feel tomorrow morning.

I did a little reading in the special Book of Mormon issue of the Ensign.

My former boss Cathy called to check on me today. She had breast cancer after my ovarian cancer. She told me that they have found a mass on her right side. I feel so sorry for her. She had it a lot rougher with her battle then I did. My prayers are with her.

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