Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blood Transfusion #2

So on Tuesday I had to have a blood draw in preparation for today's chemo treatment. I received a message from my doctor that my anemia is worse and that I would not have a chemo treatment today. She told me that I would have another blood transfusion.

Yesterday was Norm Piercy's funeral. I felt good enough to go to the services. Merri Lea and Rich came over for the funeral and then spent the day with us. It was nice for Lisa and Candalyn to visit with them.

Kaiser called yesterday and they scheduled the blood transfusion for 10:15 today. My niece Candalyn took me to Kaiser for the transfusion. When we got there we were told it would take 5-6 hours, we questioned how long and I was told the reason it would take so long was because I would be getting 2 units this time. I sure home that it works better this time. I'm hoping that I will be done with treatments and able to go back to work by April.

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