Thursday, December 15, 2011

A New Experience Tomorrow

So I had my second treatment of my third cycle today. Things went well, no sticking problems. My nurse mentioned that I am anemic. She suggested a blood transfusion. I gave her my consent if my doctor thought it was a good idea. She contacted Dr Jeske and she said that it would be a good idea. So tomorrow at 1:30 I will have my first blood transfusion. She promised I will feel better. My good friend Penni took me today and she kindly offered to take me tomorrow. Thanks Penni. We had a wonderful dinner brought in by Elena Jones. I received a phone call from Maria Casillas. She joined the church a little over 1 1/2 years ago. She is moving to the LA area tomorrow. She is a great lady. The gospel has been so good to her. I will truly miss her and pray the best for hr. We had a surprise visit this evening, Roxanne Mortenson a good was very nice to see her and visit with her.  Yesterday Pam Montanez delivered a good basket from the local Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. It was such a nice thought, and wonderful goodies. Since Dr Jeske is having a baby in January I've asked mom to make the baby a baby quilt. She is working right a long with it. When I came home today mom and Keith were not home. Just a little concerned so I called Keith and mom was with him. They had gone to JoAnn's to get binding for the quilt which Keith is cutting. I have such great supportive family. I am truly blessed!

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