Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Update

Friday evening we were visited by another wonderful Heavenly choir. This one was comprised of the Osorio and Corcoran family. I love Christmas music, to listen to and to sing. I have not gotten to sing very much Christmas music this year. I did sing some songs to my self while I was having the PET/CT sacn during the last few minutes when it got really hard to keep my arms over my head.

Saturday we were visited by the Corcoran family. It was a nice to see them and we brought make your own fruit salad. We had the traditional fondue dinner we have on Christmas Eve. It was so yummy. Keith did a great job.

Sunday we were up around 7:30 (you'd think we were kids) we had breakfast and then headed to Modesto to spend the day with my sister Merri Lea and family. We had a wonderful dinner and good company. My niece Ella-Liessa made me a origami crane pin in teal (which is the ovarian cancer color) I thought that was very special.

Today my sister Lisa and her daughter Candalyn arrived from Utah to spend the week with us. So Christmas is going to last a little longer. I was also able to chat with my former missionary companion Cheryl MacDonald who lives in Australia this evening.

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