Thursday, December 8, 2011

Treatment Day

I have been craving eggs for breakfast the last two days. Since I was up early for my treatment I made my self a scrambled egg, it was so yummy.

My good friend Penni Allen took me to my treatment. I was telling Penni that a lot of times I get to my treatment appointment early but I usually have problems finding a parking space. Penni told me she usually has no problems getting a parking space. Well true to her word we very quickly found a parking space. You know the saying "See a Penni, pick it up all the day you'll have good luck". I now have a good luck Penni.

The treatment went very well today. While I was waiting to be taken to the station to start my treatment Dr Jeske came down the hall. I think she is wonderful. She is so up and positive. I was able to introduce her to Penni.

While I was having my treatment a trio-violin, flute,cello performed Nearer My God To Thee and several Christmas Carols. It was a nice treat. As I was leaving a women from the Immanual Besthda church had a gift for chemo patients.A fuzzy pair of socks, and a crocheted lap afghan and  a nice Christmas card.

We had a wonderful dinner brought in this evening. Sharon Smith fixed it and Valary Smith delivered it. It was very much appreciated.

Keith just came home with a pumpkin spice drink. Thanks Keith.

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  1. glad to hear you had a good day -- music has great power to soothe -- Luv ya