Monday, December 12, 2011

Snow Balls

Several days a go I received an inquiry about something that we had made when I was Young Women's president at least 15+ years ago. Around that time the church had sent instructions about the use of funds for the Young Men and Young Women's activities. They instructed that the youth were not to have any more super, long distance activities. We traditionally went on a snow trip about 4 hours away. So we decided to have a No Snow Party. We had sled races, slalom races, made snowmen out of pillows, blow snowflakes off your nose ( the snowflake was a cotton ball). The last thing was a snowball fight. The snowballs were made of batting and old panty hose. The snowballs have been to Utah and several wards have borrowed them. Who would have thought that something made that long ago would still be remembered. Glad they are still being used.

Tomorrow I will have a blood draw to see if I can have a treatment on Thursdays. Prayers will be appreciated.

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  1. seems I remember the building of those when it was going on -- wow! has it really been 15 years ago -- amazing

    praying for you