Sunday, October 23, 2011

Changes In My Life

Today was full of firsts and changes and lasts.

I went to my last Ward Council (that is where a the leadership in our congregation meet and we discuss the members and their needs). Brought my last center piece to Relief Society.

So in Sacrament meeting my Presidency and I were released, and a new Presidency was called and sustained. Alma Estiva is the new President, Diane Black is her 1st counselor, Heidi Beckstead is her 2nd counselor. I know that will be a wonderful Presidency.

This change is coming with different emotions.I know that I can not give to the sisters what they need, but there is something missing in my heart and soul. I will miss working Sascha Corcoran, Lisa Zamora and Dixie Zinn. They have been wonderful to work with and supportive and willing do what ever I ask of them. I've also appreciated working with Mary Lou Schar and Heidi Pojda.

Sascha is the one that gave me the idea for the title of this blog.

After Relief Society I noticed a tote bag on Sascha's chair. It had lemon fabric for the bottom  and then around the top different fruit fabrics and the handles made with citrus fruit print.  I told Lisa Zamora that I wanted one like it. Well come to find out that bag was mine. Sascha had made it for me. The fabric used on the straps is the same fabric that covers her dining room chairs, it is to help me remember our Presidency meetings which we had around her dining room table on Thursday evenings. There were goodies inside, lemon heart cookies, lemonhead candy, a lemon slice sucker, country time lemonade mix and a rubber band man made from rubber bands and binder clips, the only thing holding him together is a rubber band. There is a note attached that God is what keep us together. I know exactly what I'm going to use the tote bag for....when I go to chemo.

Not only was I released I was also called to a new calling which is a ward missionary. I hope that I will be able help spread the gospel in the Branham ward. It is very interesting to me that Alma and I are switching places that has happened to me one other time. I was released from the Primary Presidency and called to the Nursery. Heather Judd was released from the Nursery and called to the Primary Presidency.

So life goes on!

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  1. Lori-
    The centerpiece was gorgeous today! I am now noticing everything with yellow/orange/lemon in a bright new way. Thank you for sharing your positive attitude about your journey with me! My thoughts and prayers are with you every hour.