Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Phone Was Busy Today

Today was a great day for Mom. Her stitches were removed today and she took two short walks outside. Her recovery is steady.

Kaiser must have called me three times today. Dr Jeske called. She has the results from my liver biopsy. She said there were no surprises, that it is Ovarian cancer in  my liver. That is a relief. She is a little concerned about my liver function. She consulted a Kidney specialist and he says that some times the kidney gets a syndrome when the liver is fighting cancer. The first thing they are going to try is put fluids intravenously. So on Friday afternoon I will have 2 quarts of hydration it will take about 4 1/2 hours. She also wants me to drink lots of water. On Wednesday when I do the blood test before the chemo they will also check my kidney function.

Things are progressing.

Thanks you for all your thoughts and prayers!!!!

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  1. great to hear that mom is doing well -- and that your doctor found what she expected -- surprises not required here -- we're thinking about you every day!