Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It Won't Be Heaven If It Doesn't Have Mom's Macaroni & Cheese

Tonight for dinner we had Mom's homemade macaroni & cheese! I LOVE MY MOM'S macaroni & cheese. I have a life long relationship with mom's macaroni & cheese.

That relationship starts before I was born. My fathers mother made macaroni & cheese for him (of course it was made from scratch, no Kraft then. Just looked it up on Wikipedia and it was first introduced in 1937). When mom and dad were newlyweds she made it for him. In his family they ate it as a side dish. In mom's family it was the main dish.  It took her a long time for him to admit that mom's was better then his mothers.

I don't remember when I first had mom's macaroni & cheese but I do remember that every Thursday (that was Primary day) mother would put it in the oven before we left to go to Primary at the Cherry building and when we got home dinner was ready. Have I said I love mom's macaroni & cheese?

When I came home from BYU for Thanksgiving weekend guess what was in the oven? Yep. Mac & cheese!

When I returned from my mission in North Carolina there it was mac & cheese waiting for me that I had not had for 18 months.

I don't get to have it as often as I did as a child, but tonight I HAD ME SOME MAC & CHEESE!!!!

No new update for me....Mom is doing good. The last couple of days she has taken short walks and is almost getting in and out of bed by herself. Great job Mom!!


  1. mmmmm! I too love mom's mac & cheese -- now days I even get requests for "care packages" of it from my dad! (and now that you've brought this up, I'll be picking up the makings at the store today so I can make me some too!!)

  2. Mac and cheese (my mom and Amma's) is one of my favorite meals.

    We are starting to get the little guy hooked too...but he eats anything and everything so it isn't too hard.

    Love ya!