Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things I Forgot To Share

Saturday evening Sister Julie Beck the General Relief Society President was in the Bay Area to meet with sisters from our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). It was a wonderful meeting! During the meeting I felt that maybe I should start my own blog. I have been following a couple of them. After Relief Society Sunday I was talking to Jennifer Williams, I told her that my cancer was back. She asked if I was a journal writer. I told her no, she said maybe I should....Well the law of witnesses two or more, that was the confirmation I needed sooooo. I have now made a second entry.

Cancer update: I have a mass in my pelvic area 2-3 inches and lesions in my liver. I met with my new doctor...LOVE HER!!! Very supportive and encouraging. She is confident that we can get this in remission, but it might be a tough road. But I say bring it on. I had a liver biopsy today, should get results in a week. They had a difficult time getting the samples they wanted. Some pain involved but because my blood pressure dropped they would not give me any more anesthesia. I survived because here I sit typing. The next thing on schedule is to install a port. I will have chemo one week (to start Oct 27th) with two drugs and the next week only one drug, no chemotherapy the next week. Blood draws in between.  Then is starts over, I will have three of them and then another PET/CT scan (to check how the cancer reacted to the chemo) Then 3 more cycles and then we see from there.

I'm so grateful for all the love, encouragement, support I have received and I know I will continue to receive.

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  1. sorry to hear it was painful for you, but glad they got it procedure done