Saturday, October 15, 2011

More Then You Wanted To Know

      The Thursday before mom's hip surgery I met with my oncologist. He informed me that my cancer is back. He scheduled a PET/CT scan. What they do is shoot you with radioactive sugar solution. You have to lay in a dark room for an hour and then you go through the scan which scans your body a section at a time.  That was the following Wed, on Friday Dr Tatman called. The cancer is 2-3 inch mass in my pelvic and lesions in my liver. Dr Tatman no longer does chemo therapy so he referred me to the medical oncology department. By noon they had scheduled an appointment for Tuesday. Lisa went to my appointment. I love my doctor. So the news is not great. Since it is in my liver no surgery right now. I will be starting chemo on Oct 27th. My doctor Dr Jeske schedule a liver biopsy on Thursday. That is quite an experience.

      We show up at 12:30 and go back to be prepped. I get an iv go back to the CT room they scan me to see where they are going to take the sample, they give me a local in that area. He takes some samples but they decide that they are not good enough samples. It felt like they went through my liver and to my back bone. . Well come to find out that my blood pressure had dropped and they did not want to give my any more anesthesia. But I survived!

      So they next fun thing is that I am going to have a port input because chemo will be a little more often.. One cycle is two drugs one week, then the next week one drug, then one week off. I will have to have blood drawn in between.

My veins are pretty deep so to make it easier on me and the nurses I'm having a port put in.  That will be Oct 26th.

     Dr Jeske says she has no doubts that we can get in remission. She also said it will probably be tougher this time.

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