Monday, October 17, 2011

Electric Couches....Who Knew

Before I start on the couch. I want to share another exciting thing that happened yesterday.

Several years ago my calling was to train consultant that were to help people who would like a little help with learning how to get started on Family History. A couple was called from the Almaden ward. We came into our church building together yesterday. I found out that they went to the Temple for the first time Saturday. I am SO THRILLED for them. We believe that families can be together for ever. The only way we believe that that can happen is in the Temple.

On to the couch. So while I'm having my liver biopsy done ( still can feel the pain) Keith and Lisa went shopping for a new couch.  They got a good deal on it..floor model and they wanted to get it out of the store. Luckly it was delivered Saturday.

Well our couch does not have a lever on the side to raise and lower the foot rest. You push a button and it goes up and another button the foot rest goes down. It is amazing where technology has gone. Keith was told that this is the modern couch.

Electric couches who knew?

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